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Fleurs CBD strawberry
Fleurs CBD strawberry details
    Fleurs CBD strawberry
    Fleurs CBD strawberry details

History of Strawberry

The CBD Strawberry cannabis strain is a cross between an unknown Indica, an Erdbeer and a Sour Diesel. Its genetics is 75% Sativa dominant. The Strawberry strain is made up of many sub-strains, each with its own particularity!

There is probably as much to say about Strawberry as there is about its creator Kyle Kushman, a cannabis enthusiast who wrote for High Times Magazine for a long time and then moved to California in 2004 to set up his own cannabis farm...

Strawberry’s creation goes back in 1999 when a friend of Kushman's entrusted him with the clone of a plant he had crossed himself. On his way home, after several hours on the road, Kushman opened the package and found himself transported by strawberries’ aromas! He then decided to stabilise the strain and then named it: Strawberry.

Legend says that this particular smell was given to this strain by strawberry fields that grew around the hemp plants. The theory is peculiar but quite plausible when you know that the "Mang'karot" strain grows under mango trees.

Since then, Strawberry CBD has gained a lot of popularity. This strain was even rewarded at the 2014 High Life Cup Bio with a first-place ranking. Strawberry is a particularly popular strain for its red fruit taste and smell, which is very appealing to CBD beginners.

Our opinion on Strawberry CBD:

Strawberry CBD is one of our "fruity" flowers and is particularly appreciated by our customers. Consumers who appreciate it the most are beginners who want to find fruity tastes in their flowers.

The flowers’ appearance is nice! They are large and compact. Strawberry flowers have many calyxes which are covered with pollen. They also have a yellow/dark green colour with small bluish areas, when properly dried, and numerous red/orange filaments which run through the buds. 

Strawberry CBD flowers have a nice red fruit smell, reminiscent of strawberries. When pressing buds between fingers, the smell is reinforced with scents of Kush and pine.

Its taste is like its smell: first the sweetness of red fruits with a little taste of Kush that develops in the mouth to finish with sugar, pine and Kush notes. This flower is appreciated by beginners who want to taste new flavours and by connoisseurs who have already crossed its path.

CBD Strawberry Indoor

Sixty8 takes great care to perfectly cultivate hemp plants. The best specialists in our team monitor them throughout their growth, flowering and drying. This guarantees you the best taste and the highest quality CBD buds.

Strawberry CBD flowers we offer are grown indoors. This means that the plants are grown under artificial light inside a building. It enables absolute control over all the elements that are important for the growth and flowering of hemp plants. It is indeed possible to control light exposure duration, lamps’ intensity, wind’s strength and duration, humidity of the air...

This special care and isolation of the plants allows us to produce 100% organic cannabis without fertilizers or pesticides and of the best possible quality.

Legislation & specifications

This CBD variety has a THC level lower than 0.2% as required by law in Europe.

For optimal storage, keep the flower in a cool place, away from heat and light. When a product is opened, make sure to close the packaging after use.