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Discover all of Sixty8's CBD flowers. Each flower has a different flavour profile. All of them have been meticulously selected based on their cannabinoid levels, aroma, and appearance to get the best quality CBD flowers.

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Fleurs CBD strawberry
  • -20%

Strawberry CBD Pack

From 3.49 £/g -20%

CBD 14% | THC < 0.3%

Taste our delicious Strawberry CBD flowers! As its name suggests, the Strawberry strain has a red fruit smell and taste, reminiscent of strawberry.

According to consumers, this CBD cannabis strain has energizing properties. Therefore, it is the perfect tool to relax during the day.

Its taste and energizing side are quite suitable for beginners who want to try CBD. Don’t hesitate anymore! Taste this amazing CBD strain!

Fleurs CBD bubble gum
  • -20%

Bubble Gum CBD Pack

From 3.69 £/g -20%

CBD 13% | THC < 0.3%

Bubble Gum is a very popular strain for its sweet and chewing gum-like taste. This CBD flower has a relaxing cerebral effect which comes smoothly and stays for a long time.

The sweet chewing gum taste and relaxing effects are perfectly suited for beginners or to people who want to discover a sweet strain.

Bubble Gum CBD is well balanced! Therefore, this flower might help you getting some sleep or relaxing before a meditative session, for example.

fleur cbd Limoncello cbd
  • -20%

Limoncello CBD Pack

From 5.49 £/g -20%

CBD 15% | THC < 0.3%

Our Limoncello CBD flowers are now available on Sixty8’s website! CBD Limoncello flower has a sweet and fruity aroma which leads to a unique smell and taste

It is aptly named: Limoncello CBD has tangy notes reminiscent of the famous Italian digestif. It is very appreciated of its lemony taste.

Its unique and original profile has been selected by our experts. Our CBD crops are grown “indoor”’ which means the flowering has been optimized in enclosed spaces. Limoncello CBD provides powerful effects and delicious aromas.

This strain stands out for its slight potential for relaxation and well-being on the user. This CBD flower appeals to the most gourmand of CBD consumers!