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Afghan Hash’s history

Straight from the East, Afghan Hash is one of the legendary hashes that will be remembered! In the cannabis industry, in the consumers’ mind, this hash is the most authentic. Although it is hard to create CBD hash with all the flavours of a traditional one, this CBD premium Afghan hash stands out with a strong taste that is very close to classic Afghan resin

Developed in the Himalayan foothills, this ancient hash recipe has a black or licoricey colour, the consistency is very soft which enables to crumble it without heating it.  

The Cannabis plant originated from Afghanistan, so its cultivation and consumption go back far in history in this part of the world. The selection of the best seeds over generations and the improvement of hash-making techniques have enabled Afghanistan to develop a potent hash which is appreciated by many consumers around the world.

The traditional method to make Afghan hash: 

  • We collect the hemp pollen from cannabis flowers 
  • We heat it slightly with a little water to facilitate handling
  • Once hot enough, the pollen is kneaded many times by hand
  • It creates a very soft and dark paste that is somewhat reminiscent of play dough 

The result is a powerful and malleable hash that will remind you of classic hash.

Sixty8's opinion: Premium CBD Afghan Hash

This hash was unanimously approved by the team members who love classic hash with a strong taste. The flavours are real hash flavours with aromas close to the classic Afghan hash. Spicy flavours are enhanced by a peppery and woody taste that immediately makes us travel through our imagination in the heart of the Himalayas. 

The texture is very soft and malleable, typical of Afghan Hash. It is not necessary to heat it to crumble it and some people prefer to make a filament to insert in the centre of their joint to consume it. You can also vaporize it. 

As far as effects are concerned, Afghan premium has quite powerful effects: it provides an intense feeling of relaxation that comes quickly and stays for a long time. Our CBD resin promotes sleep and reduces stress after a long day at work.

Afghan Hash has a very dark brown colour, almost black on the outside and a slightly lighter brown on the inside.

Sixty8’s Organic CBD Afghan Hash

The Afghan Hash we offer is obviously developed according to traditional Afghan recipes. Our CBD Hash experts have learned the ancient Afghan manufacturing methods and brought them back to Switzerland to the Sixty8’s farm where we develop this legendary Hash.

This Afghan Hash is made from 100% organic CBD flowers. For this CBD hash, we have selected varieties originating from Afghanistan and the Himalayas to offer you an authentic product as close as possible to the classic Afghan Hash.

Legislation & specifications:

This CBD Hash has a THC content below 0.2% as required by European legislation.

For optimal conservation, keep your hash in a cool place, away from heat and light. When a product is opened, be sure to close the packaging after use.