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Red Lebanese’s history

Red Lebanese is a hash which originates from the Bekaa plains in Lebanon. It has been named after its peculiar red-brown colour. Its beautiful colour is what makes it special. Red Lebanese resin is among the best references

It is due to the late harvesting of cannabis plants that resins are red. At the end of flowering, trichomes, which are usually white and yellow, turn orange and red. This late harvest implies that flowers are slightly less loaded with cannabinoids, but their taste is stronger and fruitier. The hash made from these flowers, Red Lebanese, is therefore a CBD resin with rather mild and long-lasting effects

Traditionally, extraction is handmade. The method includes a sifting process which aims to separate the pollen from the plant thanks to several increasingly fine cloths, generally made of linen. The finer the sieve, the higher the quality

Our Lebanese red hash is inspired by this authentic method. Our CBD hash is perfectly sifted which is why it has a delicious and spicy taste. You’ll adore it!

Sixty8 team's opinion

Red Lebanese CBD resin is our team's favourite hash, it has been unanimously approved by all regular hash consumers. This hash is an exceptional product with very strong effects and above all an inimitable taste.

In terms of appearance, this hash is quite unique. It has colours between brown and red and is very malleable. Therefore, our Lebanese red hash is rather easy to crumble. It also means that it might be sticky if you handle it too much or if you heat it.

In terms of taste, this hash is rather soft and pleasant. Lebanese CBD resin has classic spicy notes, already recognized in other resins, but this taste is also accompanied by fruity notes, reminiscent of CBD flower.

Red Lebanese is efficient and goes straight to the point: relaxation, peace, serenity. The effects are fast, rather powerful and they don't last too long. It's the perfect hash to relax quickly before going to sleep for example. 

Cannabidiol is known for its positive effects on the body. This molecule promotes sleep, reduces pain, and alleviates anxiety and stress. This hash could help you with these kinds of ailments.

CBD Red Lebanese hash by Sixty8

Our Red Lebanese Hash is developed in Switzerland in Sixty8's family farm with flowers from our CBD harvest. All our products are environmentally friendly, and this hash is no exception. All our flowers are organic, and this hash only undergoes sieving and pressing.

The CBD flowers used for this hash are harvested a bit late to respect the traditional Red Lebanese manufacturing. Lebanon roots of Red Lebanese resin are respected: the manufacturing method follow the tradition!

The finished product is therefore 100% natural and organic and has not undergone any chemical transformation.

Legislation & specifications:

This CBD Hash has a THC content lower than 0.2% as required by law in Europe.

For optimal conservation, keep your hash in a cool place, away from heat and light. When a product is opened, be sure to close the packaging after use.