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Origins of Critical Kush 

Critical Kush was named after two weed strains with which it was created: OG Kush and Critical Mass. This kinship is very famous, these strains have a lot of success! 

OG Kush is one of the "25 Best Strains of All Time", according to High Times. Resistant, stable, and loaded with cannabinoids, it has already invaded the market. Critical Mass is known for its high yield and robustness

Critical and Kush’s hybridization leads to Critical Kush’s birth which thus has strong genetics. It is indica dominant (more than 90% of indica genetics!).

The effects of Critical Kush are thus powerful and heavy. It relaxes immediately the body

According to many consumers, this Kush has a frank and fast action. It would be particularly effective to attenuate insomnia and anxiety issues. Therefore, a lot of consumers chose to consume Critical Kush in the evening. 

The HHC flowers

Our Critical Kush’s particularity is its high concentration of HHC. Hexahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid drawn from the hemp plant, following the example of CBD. The chemical formula of this cannabinoid is however slightly different, which implies a strong difference in intensity compared to cannabidiol. 

CBD is rather sought for its soft and therapeutic action on the body. HHC is, on the other hand, appreciated for its powerful effect of relaxation. It tends to euphorize the body and to support cerebral stimulation

Opinions concerning HHC are final: the hexahydrocannabinol is very powerful. Much more powerful than CBD. 

Therefore, when consuming HHC, you must be very careful. It is not suited for beginners. Its administration is very strongly disadvised if you intend to drive, to supervise children, to use a dangerous machine, to work or, quite simply, to concentrate

HHC Farmers’ Critical Kush: our opinion

HHC Critical Kush by HHC Farmers is highly regarded for its powerful effects. Its concentration reaches 20% of HHC, which makes its action extremely effective. Its genetics, with more than 90% Indica, explains its tendency to completely relax the body. 

This HHC flower is convenient to relax the body after a long day at work. It also reduces insomnia or anxiety issues

In terms of flavours, it will certainly please skunk lovers. It is known for its earthy and spicy tastes, which can sometimes be enhanced with some citrus touches. Its kush flavour gives it an unparalleled authenticity! 

All our HHC flowers are grown in an indoor environment. This means that hemp plants are monitored in a closed environment during their entire flowering. Indoor crops allow us to produce quality plants, thanks to the control of light, soil and environmental hazards! They grow in Europe!

Legislation & recommendation 

Despite its powerful effect, HHC is authorized for sale, purchase, and consumption on European territory. Always check your country legislation. 

It is not recommended to beginners. Do not consume if your pregnant or have a serious illness. Do not consume before driving, supervising children, working, manipulating dangerous machinery… 

Critical Kush HHC is likely to trigger THC salivary tests.