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hash 3x filtré hhc
    hash 3x filtré hhc

3x filtered Hash’s history

3x filtered is a recent hash, compared to Afghan or Moroccan hash. Recently launched on the market, 3x filtered quickly conquered it thanks to its taste and effects.

With the great popularisation of hash on the European market, producers decided to offer an exceptional product that would stand out from other hash with its impeccable quality, intense taste, and powerful effects.

To succeed, they decided to filter hash with finer sieves! They also decided to filter hash through the sieve three times instead of one to remove all impurities. Therefore, it is aptly named: the pollen is filtered three times before being transformed into hash. The pollen is then compressed in a special press to form classic hash wafers.

This manufacturing process is the reason why it has a brown colour and a very smooth and sticky appearance. This hash crumbles quite well and produces a thick, very fragrant smoke.

3x Filtered resin is an exceptional hash! It has quickly become a legendary hash on the market. It is now one of the most popular hashes due to its high quality and powerful effects.

HHC: effects & recommendations

Our 3x filtered hash is highly concentered with HHC. HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is a natural molecule extracted from the hemp plant. This molecule belongs to the cannabinoid family like CBD (cannabidiol) or CBG (cannabigerol).

Regarding the effects, HHC is stronger than CBD with more relaxing effects. Its effects last less time (1 to 2 hours). With HHC, you experience a deep physical relaxation and a slight mental stimulation. It could be unsettling for beginners.

We do not recommend this strong product if you’re not used to HHC. HHC also has the unfortunate tendency to trigger THC saliva tests.

Sixty8 strongly advises you to be very careful with the use of HHC products. It is not recommended to consume HHC during the day, before driving, manipulating dangerous machinery, or supervising children, if you’re pregnant or if you suffer from incompatible health issues. As the HHC molecule has a "euphoric" effect and has not yet been studied by serious scientific studies, we advise you to use it with the utmost caution.

Follow the recommendations on the back of the packaging.

HHC Farmers 3x Filtered

This HHC 3x filtered hash is produced by HHC Farmers. The company grows its own HHC cannabis plants indoors to guarantee quality HHC products.

HHC Farmers creates this hash thanks to the classic and well-known method. The pollen from HHC flowers is harvested as usual and then filtered through an extremely fine sieve. This action is accomplished three times to only keep pure pollen. The pollen is then pressed into a slightly soft paste and mixed evenly. The hash is then pressed again to obtain classic hash.

HHC Farmers' 3x filtered is a best-seller in their shop and is very popular with seasoned consumers for its authentic taste and HHC effects. If you like classic 3x filtered hash, this is the product for you.

Legislation and specifications

HHC Farmers’ 3x Filtered Hash has less than 0,2% THC, as required by European legislation. 

For optimal storage, keep your hash in a cool place, away from heat and light. When a product is opened, be sure to tightly close the packaging after use.